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Introducing the new STMNT Stylers – the freshest additions to STMNT Grooming Goods! Co-created by our three renowned Creators, these cutting-edge hairstyling products include a Gel for strong definition with a statement making semi-matte finish, a Curl Cream that enhances, controls and defines, waves, curls & coils and a Definition Spray for strong texture and definition. Elevate your grooming game with these high-quality products and slay your style with STMNT Grooming Goods!


Julius' collection is all about crafting truly custom-tailored styles! This means not only from shine to matte and everything in-between, but also considering all the different types of waves, curls and coils!


A twist of creamy coconut and sandalwood with inflections of orris.


Messy, rough, transforming or defined texture? We‘ve got them all! STMNT Definition Spray completes Sofie’s Collection – now it contains everything you need for the ultimate in next level texture styling!


An invigorating mix of citrus and peppermint, aquatic and woody notes.


Nomad Barber‘s range is well-known as a range of classic products upgraded for today‘s grooming needs…and what is a classic range without a STMNT-making Gel?


A fresh mix of spices, lavender and a hint of wood.

Fuel your creativity with the latest looks from the STMNT founding collective. Each of the Creators have used the newest STMNT product additions to showcase their own interpretations of the latest trends, bringing fresh inspiration into focus.

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A modern update to the classic Mod hairstyle. MOD-SQUARED is here to embrace a natural curl. Julius' look showcases a squared-off shape in the front with graduation through to the back silhouette, adding body and lift. Focused disconnections throughout create a mix of loose and set styling – emphasized with STMNT Curl Cream for legendary curl definition and STMNT Definition Spray for pumped-up texture.

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AFRO-GRADIENT re-imagines the classic fade on a pre-lightened afro base for a high-fashion look. Julius uses a combination of clippers, scissors and a straight razor to add a sharp edge to this elevated everyday style. Whilst STMNT Serum gives nourishment to both hair and scalp, and STMNT Curl Cream truly defines the hair's texture.

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The slicked back, androgynous 90s hairstyle is back. And it's looking better than ever thanks to the satin-like finish STMNT Gel brings to the party. To set the style in this 90S SLICKED BACK look, Miguel first brings structure and grip by adding STMNT Definition Spray, then slicks over with STMNT Gel. Everything is held in place with STMNT Hairspray. This one’s the ideal alternative to a feathered, or textured style.

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With a nod to the 80s, TEXTURED BRUSHBACK brings a strong-yet-feminine look back into focus. Miguel uses a low-key clipper cut through the back and sides for that sharp silhouette – paired with softer edges for a touchable feel. Hair is club-cut through the top for a smooth, blended appearance, with texture accentuated during styling using STMNT Definition Spray. Keep a smooth-yet-flexible finish with a light touch of STMNT Gel and STMNT Hairspray.

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The CURLY SKIN FADE knows how to make the most of textured hair – this one is all about shape and volume with that "boy-next-door" feel. Here Miguel pairs a balanced fade on the sides with length up top, creating a volumised look that's still super sleek. STMNT Curl Cream supports curl definition, whilst STMNT Gel adds a light sheen – all locked in place with STMNT Hairspray for long-lasting style control.

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Throwback to everyone's favourite boyband look – 90S CURTAINS brings the style back with bang! Centre-parted in full comeback flair with a soft, floppy shape, Miguel uses a scissor-cut to remove weight and add a disconnect from the heavier top section – utilizing STMNT Grooming Spray as a cutting agent and as a pre-styler. Everything is groomed into shape with STMNT Gel for durable hold and finished with STMNT Hairspray for lasting fixation.

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For something more off-center, go for DISRUPTED GRADUATION. Crafted with a classic cutting technique, this progressive style is full of lived-in, casual texture. Miguel adds STMNT Grooming Spray to prep the style during blow-drying, followed with STMNT Gel to bring the 90s vibe. Loose strands are left to drop over the sides and face in full retro effect – fixed into place with STMNT Hairspray for workable hold.

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Sofie's SOFT CROP MULLET brings a "bed head" twist to this classic short-up-top, long-in-the-back style. Here the Mullet meets the Faux Hawk in a modern-day spin, which sees the style sit high on the neckline. STMNT Serum adds a lightweight, silky feeling and STMNT Definition Spray defines the soft waves with added grip.

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This DEFINITION MULLET spotlights textured layers throughout for an overall edgy look – perfect worn on straight to wavy hair. Sofie uses STMNT Definition Spray to create separation and dimension throughout the layers, with STMNT Grooming Spray used to support the natural wave – an ideal alternative to STMNT Hairspray for a lighter hold without stiffness.